The Day After Activation…

January 22, 2013

Today went well!  This morning I got her out of the bed and followed our normal morning routine: come down the stairs, get a diaper change, put on her Spio suit, get a drink of water, grab a slice of bread out of the cabinet, take her medication and head to the table.  At the table I showed her the device, signed “you ready to hear?”  I turned it on and placed it on her ear, signed “ready?” and click.  She startled, but settled in quickly to hearing.  The house wasn’t overly busy at that point and she really had no problems dealing with it.  Today was a two hour delay in our school system, which for Gigi’s half-day schedule means a whole day off.  For the most part she again left it alone and didn’t try to take it off unless it was falling.  She went through a spell of wearing a hat and knocked it off several times.  She never resisted being reassembled, though she did jump a few times when she got reconnected.  We decided that it might be best to turn her up while Sloan and Beck took a nap.  We made it up to program three, which is currently Gigi’s loudest program.  She almost surprised us with not having much of a reaction to it.  She is reacting more to banging sounds and clapping than voices.  She almost took an interest in the tv but it was short-lived.  As she is exposed to more sound, both the variety and the amount of it, her brain will start sorting through it all.  We have big changes ahead I am sure.

We are partially glad for this calm reaction, it is most certainly better than a meltdown or an obvious dislike for sound!  But, in all honesty, in some ways it would be really exciting to get one of those youtube reactions!  We are proud of her none the less!  As I thought about that this morning, it occurred to me, if she was reacting in a way that caused a lot of excitement it could appear to her that by simply hearing, it gets her more attention, more love, or makes her better.  We would never want her to feel that way – she is loved beyond measure, hearing or not!  With that in mind, we tried and I think we succeeded in having a regular day – it just had this something new added in to the mix!


2 Responses to “The Day After Activation…”

  1. Sarah said

    So glad to read that everything is going so well, especially considering everything sweet Gigi has been through up to now. And it’s definitely a blessing that she doesn’t seem to be upset or distressed. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have to adjust to all the noises of life all of a sudden. Love to all of you! – Sarah, Ron, and Ivy

  2. Anne Hogan said

    I love you guys, and you were always going to be Gigi’mom and dad. GOD has spoken. And just look how far he has brought her… She knows she is home. Thank GOD for her spirit!

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