30 Pounds!!

March 2, 2013

We have made it! Gigi weighs 30.8 lbs. according to the scales at Dr. E’s office on February 18th.  These are the same scales where she measured a whopping 25 lbs. and 2 oz. about nine months ago.  Dr. E was quite pleased with the weight gain!  He was also quite pleased with her overall developmental gains.  He said that she has already far exceeded some of his expectations for her since their first meeting and admitted that at that point he wasn’t sure how much rehabilitation we would see.  He told her “now, let’s get you talkking!  I want to hear you speak!”  Have I mentioned how much I like Dr. E?

Hearing is going well.  She is leaving her processor on just about all of the time.  The car is our only battle at this point and her teacher, Mrs. N, just might have fixed her wagon on that!  She made Gigi a homemade clip so that if she does take it off it is at least attached to her clothes.  Gigi brings it to us if it falls off and turns her head so that it can be put back on.  She also comes to us at least half of the time that only the coil (the magnetic part) is disconnected (which means she is not hearing, though the processor is still on her ear) and taps her ear to let us know that she needs fixing.  She will take it off and give it to me when I sign for her to, along with saying it of course.  We are still working on getting her to signal to us that she heard something, which is highly useful in making sure she has the optimal programming.  She is turned up to normal hearing levels these days, so there is a lot of stuff pouring into those little ears….or those little microphone holes to be exact.  She has started being irritated and “rattle snaking” with her tongue when her “ear is off.”  She is also attempting to reattach her coil if it falls off, but she has a hard time getting it to the right spot.  She will only attempt things for a VERY short time before getting mad and giving up, so I don’t expect to see her getting it on any time soon.  She is not having any adverse reactions to sound…for the most part she does not react at all.  Some days are definitely and noticeably better than others.  We are trying to get her to vocalize more…she is vocal, but when you want her to do it on command, she’s a bit stubborn.   Hmm, we should have known to expect that!  I have some really cute videos that I need to get posted somehow.

She saw an orthopaedic doctor on the 25th, the same one she saw when we got home, who said everything was looking good.  He was glad to see the forward progress in her walking and had xrays taken of her hips just to be sure.  They looked good, only a minor issue, which according to him is not an issue at all.  The neck of her femur should turn inward to her hips at a 35 degree angle, and it is instead a 20ish degree angle.  He is not worried in the least and said that as her bones grow, it can correct on its own…and if not, it still isn’t a big deal.

I know this is a short and technical update.  We have been making the rounds at our house with a pretty nasty head cold.  Gigi has had it for over two weeks at this point, and it is just hanging on tight.  In just over two weeks we will be taking Gigi in for her second surgery!  Time to get well and stay that way!


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  1. Joy said

    Yeah on all the good news

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