Implant Surgery, The Second and Final Ear!

March 20, 2013

One thing is for sure, the 9:00 am surgery time slot sure beats the 1:00 pm.  When we got to the hospital entrance for surgery, Dan dropped Gigi and me off at the door and when we walked around the car and she saw the building, her bottom lip went to work pouting.  She didn’t cry, but she whimpered and held on tight.  She was obviously nervous while we waited, but she cooperated like a champ.  The anesthesiologist wanted to give her a sedative before taking her back so the mask and sights of the OR wouldn’t scare her.  I am guessing this would have been true since she clearly knew what was going on.  They brought in an oral sedative in a syringe and allowed us to give it to her.  We took off her “ear,” which is what her processor has been named by the kids, and she got woozy pretty quickly.  This picture is actually of Dan singing to her (remember, her “ear” is already “off”) as her eyes rolled and her head bobbed while the medication was taking effect.

Photo: Left ear implant surgery this morning!

By the time they came in to take her back she was still awake, but floppy and pretty unaware.  We decided to run down to the cafeteria (or chow hall as Dan referred to it and got a strange look from the nurse) for some breakfast and by the time we ate and got back up to the room and made a few phone calls we were getting heads popping in the door letting us know that things were going well.  One of the audiologists from the office where Gigi goes for all of her cochlear implant adjustments tested the device before she was sewed up and she came in to tell us that things went great and everything was working.  By about 12:30, she was back in the room with us and trying to wake up.  She was not happy about waking up and was less happy when the arm restraints came into view.  She was too tired to fight and really she stayed quite sleepy the whole time we were there.  We got the same care instructions we got last time, and were on our way home by 2:30.

Gigi got home, ate one bite of bread, headed for Grandma’s lap and went right back to sleep.  She stayed asleep while I joined the other three kids, Grandma and Aunt Pam (or Geemah and Pan Pamp if you ask Sloan) for a fun dinner at McDonalds while Dan joined Gigi for some shut-eye.  When we got back, we saw Geemah and Pan Pamp off, jammied everyone up and started an early bedtime routine!  Gigi woke up, ate some more bread and drank some water and of course squirmed around until her bandage was half off.  We sat her down and took it off so we could get her hair under control with a few pony tails.  It was great to see that they shaved much less of her head this time!  She was not feeling good at all, so we gave her some pain medicine.  Beck came down the stairs while we were readjusting her pressure bandage, which caused her to cry more than a little, and wanted to see her ear. He looked at the back of it, which is stitched back on from top to bottom and said “look,” as he folded down his own ear, “I came with ears that are already hooked on!” Then he sat with her for a minute and rubbed her knee while she cried.

We got her some fresh clothes on and she was ready to lay back down.  We are having her sleep in the pack and play in the living room again and staying on the couch beside her since it worked so well last time.  We’ll hope her recovery goes as well as it did last time!  Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and prayers as always!


3 Responses to “Implant Surgery, The Second and Final Ear!”

  1. Teresa Alouf said

    Glad the morning apt. worked out so well. That Beck has such a kind heart! What a cutie. Prayers for quick healing! ❤

  2. Julie Mark said

    So happy all went well. You all have continued to be in our thoughts and prayers even more so with GiGi’s “ear”

  3. Angela said

    Hi there. I came to your blog from the AAC page.
    Awesome! This is all so familiar to me!
    Our son was almost 5 when he got his 1st implant–(no speech prior.) Fast forward 3 years, and we frequently “shush” him as we are tired of hearing his incessant chatter! LOL!
    Hopefully GiGi will surprise everyone and surpass all the predictions of the “experts!”

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